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 I used to have the lowest self esteem. i never thought my businesses would be successful. i thought i would only be a housewife to a man (i’m gay btw) smh. i’d never be popular, i thought my voice didn’t matter & no one would ever care listen to me. 

fast forward 10 years. i’ve earned multiple 6 figures in sales. living in a high rise in los angeles. & feel like a BAD BITCH in every room i enter. i have over 60,000 ppl in my online tribe. i own my car, paid for it in cash. & i’m just happy too. like almost every single day for the past 4 years since i’ve been living big and out loud. i’ve been one happy baddie lol.

& i realize all that negative chatter was a bunch of bullshit. no one EVER told me those things. i told myself that. smh. we gotta do better. better has arrived.


10 practical manifestation methods proven to work over and over again. manifest joy, confidence abundance with me. 

i’m passionate about helping you manifest bc i know what it felt like to have No self esteem, constantly a victim & being abused. once upon a time, i too was afraid to speak up. now those days are far gone. i’ve manifested the successful business, the luxurious top floor apts with the views. the free trips with and without bae. my life is beautiful because i took my power back and amplified it. my goal is to help you rediscover your self & your purpose. these techniques will guide you to success and reveal your riches. your wealth is IN you.

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