Manifesting 6 Figures on Social: 4 BAD W/B*TCHES!

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i used to have the lowest self esteem. i never thought my businesses would be successful. i thought i would only be a housewife to a man (i’m gay btw) smh. i’d never be popular, i thought my voice didn’t matter & no one would ever care listen to me.

fast forward 10 years. i’ve earned multiple 6 figures in sales. living in a high rise in los angeles. & feel like a BAD BITCH in every room i enter. i have over 60,000 ppl in my online tribe. i own my car, paid for it in cash. & i’m just happy too. like almost every single day for the past 4 years since i’ve been living big and out loud. i’ve been one happy baddie lol.

& i realize all that negative chatter was a bunch of bullshit. no one EVER told me those things. i told myself that. smh. we gotta do better. better has arrived.

if the word witch or bitch makes you uncomfortable, don’t buy this course. we lights candles & say that word a few times. if you’re not afraid. you’ll Learn to Earn $10k+ a Month on Social Media by Tapping into Your Spirituality from a girl with experience ✨

in 90 Days or less You will find your tribe & have your first $333 day! Of course I can’t “guarantee” it but if you apply the info, there’s no way you won’t. I use these same techniques to consistently earn revenue in my online stores. (Even with shitty algorithms) Where there’s will, there’s a way. & When you build a loyal tribe, yous a baaaaad b*tch!!   


TikTok: How I’m always going Viral & Gained 10k followers in a week. Yesterday (2/25) 1,064 New Friends. 😎 Currently at 33k+

Instagram: Posting for Profits & List Building (Email/SMS)


* Caption Necessities 

*  Hashtags

* Apps for Creation & Editing 

& sooooo much more. ✨ 

This is For Baddies who want to earn 6Fig and more in 2023. 

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