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Pussi Tea is an excellent womb tonic. It's a mild detox tea that can help women to experience graceful periods, better moods and better sex. 

Shit Tea is a gentle 7 Day Cleanser. Drink Lots of water to Activate the tea and prevent dehydration while detoxing. 

Pussi Steam is a delicious herbal blend to assist the womb in clearing out old energy. This blend helps to balance the pH offering your Pussi a fresh and inviting smell.

1 Week of Iaso tea assists with removing waste from the colon and promoting weight-loss. Most people also notice less bloating, better mood and mental clarity. Drink LOTS of water to assist the body in flushing old waste. Recommend 2L daily.

1 Week of Nutraburst is a Liquid Multivitamin that may replenish the body of essential nutrients and offer an abundance of energy. (Purchase full size here)