7 Day RITUAL Candles

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Candle Magick is my FAV. I find myself diving extremely deep into meditation while working with these. I like to do consistent burns and I have seen consistent positive AMAZING RESULTS! When choosing color candles, choose whatever colors you are drawn to. Then read about what those colors mean and be proud of your Bomb your intuition is 😘

  These 7 Day Candles are not for decoration. They are for work. So when you’re ready to go within & gain assistance from one of these GODDESSES. Say your Prayers & Light Em Up! 


Red - Passion, Sexuality, Fire, Fertility, Romance, Lust, Vitality, Strength, Action, Money, Drive,


Orange - The Sacral Chakra, Career Advancement, Creativity, Courage, Change, Confidence


Yellow - The Solar Plexus Chakra, Happiness, Joy, Success, Friendship, Focus, Intellect, Inspiration, Self Empowerment, Confidence, Optimism, Mental Awareness, Memory, Shine Bright Like A Muva Effin Diamond !


Green - Heart Chakra, Healing, Money, Grounding, Wealth, Abundance, Growth, Luck, Prosperity


Blue - Throat Chakra, Communication, Healing, Peace, Meditation, Truth


Purple - Third Eye Chakra, Spiritual Communication, Intuition, Spiritual Awareness, Divination, Mental Clarity, Meditation


White - The Crown Chakra, All-Purpose Candle, God Altar Candle,  Lunar/Moon Goddess Altar Candle, Angelic Communication, Awakened consciousness, Devotion, Serenity, Harmony, Healing, Higher Self communication, Moon Magic, New Beginnings, Peace, Prayer, Protection, Cleansing, Serenity, Universal Truth